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(Updated July 2008)

The Galactic Federation of Light - These are our friends!
Major changes are taking place!
and about Dolphins, Etc (Check this out!)
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You don't want to miss this!
(You'll learn much about what is going on re Ascension (and more!)

Don't miss this!
(You'll learn much about what is going on re Ascension (and more!)

and their "War of Liberation" to save Planet Earth
from the negative Orion Greys and Draco Reptilians

NEW - Incredible data - Check it out!

The latest in up-to-date data in the form of articles, books, videos, TV programming and others featuring information from a wide array of sources throughout the world and Universe. There are valuable messages and things that Man can learn from these visitors and happenings. Many believe we are not alone and have been regularly visited over the centuries. Most of these visitors are here to only help us and earth - not to harm us. Find out for yourself!

Every effort will be made to acquaint (if you are new to the subject) and to bring valuable information that will inform and keep you very interested. Keep an open mind then nothing escapes you!

Revealing UFO TV
More NASA UFO Stuff
Books about UFOs 
Data and links about
Crop Circles
Vision 2012- Renew The World 
Galactic Codex
Mystery Force
Baffles NASA TV
Lizards from Orion
Friend or Foe?
  Links to UFO sites 
around the world
UFO's Proven Real
- By Skeptics !
Dr Boylan web site
Fleet of UFO's over
Mexico City TV
Fantastic UFO Art
by Jim Nichols!
Change The World - An
Extraordinary Contact
Dan Burisch Stargate Secrets! Incredible Space Time UFO Stuff - NEW
Inner Earth People
Flying Serpents
Mexico TV
Behind the Scenes An incredible true story about UFO's and other stuff you won't believe - NEW
More incredible stuff
And more stuff!
Art Bell's Web Site
- Very interesting!
NASA Space Pictures Earth Changes and
Intuitive Flash
Italian UFO Site 
The Billy Meier Web
Site - All about the Pleiadians and more! 
Alien UFO Bases on
Earth, Moon and Mars 
Cassiopaioans - Find out
who you are in the future!
UFO and Related Web
Site Search Engine
German Secret
Weapons/UFO Stuff
Hope! - by Lionhawk
11:11 The Nvisible
Gateways to Reality
Huge UFO caught by NOAA Satellite
From the Plejarens
About each of us - Special!
Doorways to the Universe!
First Open Contact
with Extra-Terrestrials
Cosmic Tour Of the Galaxy
Interstellar Travel and
UFO Gravitic Propulsion!
From The Stars.com
Details of UFO Space
New Crop Circle Pictures
UFO's Confirmed!
UFOs Hide as Clouds
and Others
Details of Pleiadian Beamships

Marker for Change

James Gilland
The Galactic

Costa Rica UFO
Extraordinary picture
Bob Lazar Scientist
Antimatter reaction
and gravity amplification
Jeff Rense Web Site
Incredible topics to keep you glued to your computer.
Col Wendell Stevens UFO Archives
Search for a specific topic

National (NICUFO)Investigations Committee on UFOs
UFO's Proven Real!
New Crop Circle Picture UK
Earthfiles - Linda Moulton Howe
UFO Found in Grand Canyon of Arizona, 4,000 year old ancient alien craft NEW!

Project Camelot Very very interesting!

Energy Streams and
The Great Pyramid
ET Encounter! - Brazil - Real!

UFO News by DWDewey Very
interesting stuff!
A message from ET's
Startling information
from the Pleiadians!

UFORIA Research.com An interesting site
Star Nations
ET Friends -
Billy Meier UFO DVD

Very Interesting Articles
The Crop Circle
Website (UK)

UFO Books
HBCC UFO's Interesting and Informative
Pleidian Message
James Gilland - ECETI.com

Beamship over Switzerland

Pleiadian Beamship over Switzerland
Exopolitics.org Interesting/Extensive Links
Alien-UFO'S - Interesting site - Lots of Data
National Investigations Committee on Aerial
Phenomena (UK)
HBCC UFO Research (Canadian)
Crop Circles & Dreams
Encounter with ET's
Books by Ray Fowler
Enriqe Castillo Rincon
UFO Contacts - Bogota, Columbia
www.dark-ufo.com - An interesting site
Star Nations - NEW!
Types of Visitors from Space - NEW!
Intl. Crop Circle Research - R. Boylan PhD
Galactic Frontline - LionHawk - NEW

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