UFOs Form Clouds To Hide

It has been widely indicated that UFOs have been able to disguise themselves by making themselves appear as clouds. For instance, when one sees a single cloud in the sky where there are no others, one can assume it is more than likely a UFO. The following is from a reader who viewed a posting from Jean Hudon (Canada). Photos courtesy of National Weather Service, Melbourne, Florida. Photographers: Matt Bragaw, Peter Blottman.

Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 Subject: Comments on "hole in cloud" From: Ashiar Samone


Regarding the so-called, "hole in cloud", you and your readers may be interested in knowing that at a conference in Santa Fe in September (2000), one of the speakers, possibly Robert Dean, showed slides of UFOs forming clouds to disguise themselves inside them. Amazingly enough, the trail underneath is a part of the process. He showed slide after slide, where people had caught the entire process in photographs and on video. He also showed the most famous photograph, the one over Mt. Shasta. It has been made into a poster/print. But, there are many others. And now it looks like we can add these photos to the list!

UFO Cloud
UFO or weather anomaly?
UFO Cloud2
Another cloud
UFO Cloud 3 UFO Cloud 3
Acturian Ship - From Suzy Star Oct. 2005
UFO Cloud 3
Acturian ship January 2006 Suzy Star
So, keep checking the sky and if you can carry a small camera so you can catch that once in a lifetime photo!

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