Teeth Book

Good Teeth Birth to Death
The Prescription for Perfect Teeth
Revised Edition, 117 Pages
By Dr. Gerald F. Judd, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemist and Researcher, January 1997

Have you ever seen the skulls that are dug up over 500 years old and they still have their teeth? Amazing isn't it. One reason for this is that our ancestors didn't have the diets we now subject ourselves to. They lived off what nature provided, which was healthy and lifegiving.

This book was written to bring everyone the secret of how to have strong, non-decaying teeth throughout their life. The author is a research chemist with an extensive background in chemistry, industrial research, and cancer research, plus other alocades.

Of most interest is the small section regarding the minerals and vitamins one needs to take on a daily basis to keep the teeth strong and viable. Even if teeth and gums are damaged and diseased, following this routine should restore, according to the book, damaged teeth and gums. It's worth a try if you are one of the millions with teeth and gums eaten away by our modern diets and foods (even if you have good sound teeth and gums and want to keep them that way). Read Notice

    One interesting fact is that after reading this you may buy only toothpaste that does not contain ingredients that are detrimental to your teeth and gums, as shown in the book. The best substitute for toothpaste is in everyone's home - this is a surprise! You'll have to read the book to find out what it is. It should also decrease your dental costs substantially. The book is not available in bookstores. If you would like to contact Dr. Judd directly for questions, etc, click here (Email)

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