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A Homeopathic Approach by David Dancu N.D.

Recently, I was talking to Charles Marble, a friend and colleague, about the organic farm industry in Naples. He said, everything natural about organic farming is derived from the balance between acids and alkalinity in the soil. Where I live, the soil is generally determined to be quite alkaline. What I found interesting was the fact that when the soil is properly balanced, insects cannot thrive and are not drawn to plants.

I found this interesting because the same is true for us. What we call the biological terrain, or soil, must also be balanced. Normal acid pH is around 6.8 and anything lower is considered acidic, which by most standards, is our nature. Above 7.6 is alkaline. At 7.0 pH is totally neutral, like good water. No one is ever totally neutral, as our system cannot function in a neutral state. However, if one checks some of the key 'experts' (Dr Jenson, Dr Bodine, Dr Cayce, Dr Phiefer, Dr Jinks, etc), you will find they recommend the body be 'slightly' alkaline.

The stomach is the only part of the body that is always acidic (hydrochloric acid), while the remainder of the bodily fluids are supposed to be alkaline. Too much acid, or too many alkaline reactions can cause tissue damage. Blood, spinal fluid and saliva are rarely alkaline, but the stool, liver bile, pancreas or gall bladder bile can be either acidic or alkaline (the range for these organs and glands is broader). But, when they become acidic, the imbalance begins and the parasitesí establish a foothold, creating stress on the system.

Hyperacidic tendencies and symptoms include cold sores, herpes, arthritis, rheumatic conditions, parasites, candida, insomnia, headaches and migraines, water retention, bladder infections, constipation or diarrhea, teeth sensitivity, burning sensations, ulcers (also bacteria related), hypotension, stress, cravings for certain foods, allergies, asthma, skin disorders of all types and gastric problems. There are more ailments related to acidosis, but this gives you a general idea about the long reaching effects of excess acidity.

The terrain of the body requires frequent tweaking to maintain balance and health and when acids continue to build up over time, they create a foothold for illnesses and a soil that sustains this imbalance.

There are a variety of ways we can start to re-balance our pH, including diet, supplements, hydrotherapy, Homeopathy and Herbís.

First, the food list. These are alkaline producing foods for excess acidity:
Uma Boshi Plum paste ( make a soup or tea); Miso soup; avocados; pure maple syrup; honey; molasses; most fresh fruits (except cranberry, plums and prunes), tomatoes, vinegar, lemons, eggplant, millet, dates and corn. There are a variety of books available to assist in determining which foods are best suited for your particular needs.

The amino acid, L Glutimine; MSM; Increased potassium and phosphorus; Combination B complex with a minimum of 100mg per B and 800mcg of folic acid; Primadophilus, HSO (homeostatic soil organisms), Microhydrin (a hydrogen based powder for cleaning the blood); combination amino acid for cell rejuvenation; Pancreatic glandular, taken every other day; Total Cleanse for re-balancing the system (4 caps/day for 10 days); Multi enzyme, preferably, food based; Anti-oxidants, such as Alpha lipoic acid, grape seed extract, green tea, BHT, Olive leaf extract and Vitamin E.

Baths can both cleanse and rejuvenate. Start every other day, with weekends off. Drink plenty of distilled water after the bath and try to have the bath as hot as possible to open the pores and allow the bath ingredients to penetrate. Do these separately, not combined.
Baking soda/Epsom salts, about one pound of each; apple cider vinegar, about 2 cups; hydrogen peroxide, about 2 pints; Bath salts or cleansing salts, available from any health food store; castor oil, rubbed thoroughly into the liver area, the kidney/adrenal area, thymus area, stomach and abdomen, just before entering the bath.

Also, there is a company that sells a wonderful bath product with numerous herbs for cleansing. Itís called Herbal Body Wrap and made by Life Force at 800/ 531-4877. Call me (David) for the best protocol on this one. Soak for about 20 minutes and maintain the temperature as hot as possible. Remember to drink water after the bath, not during.

      Homeopathy addresses deep seated disharmonies from the perspective of the person, not just their symptoms, so giving a remedy for hyperacidity will rarely cover the underlying cause. The following remedies have been known to aid acid excesses and should be used only for ACUTE problems: Consult a Homeopath for additional remedies. 1. Robinia: everything turns to acid; burning sensation with regurgitation of acids with severe sharp pains and vomiting.
      2. Natrum Phosphoricum: belching after food; sour vomiting; very sensitive individual with a delicate/refined nature.
      3. Hydrastis: strong affinity to mucus membranes; indigestion; belches sour fluids; pulsating symptoms.
      4. Iris Versicolor: burning sensations along entire alimentary canal; vomits sour or bloody vile; nausea; profuse saliva.
      5. Nux Vomica: indigestion; heartburn all symptoms relate to overdoing or excess (alcohol/food/drugs/etc.); sensitive to pressure in stomach; liver remedy with anger, irritability and impatience; type A.
      6. Sulphuric Acid: fatigue; nervous but keeps going; irritability at minor things; sour vomiting and belching; vomits mucus, not food; nausea and chilliness.

      Alfalfa; Aloe vera; Comfrey; Cramp Bark; Garlic; Ginger; Slippery Elm; Parsley; Peppermint; Cornsilk;
      These are best taken in single doses, liquid form, about 40 drops, once a day. Taking all of them is unnecessary, and you may need to experiment to determine the ones that work best. You will generally notice relief of symptoms within a few weeks, but donít overdo this experimentation without consulting a health care practitioner who has knowledge of Herbís and their relationship to medications.

      You can easily determine your pH balance by purchasing nitrazine paper at a health food store or pharmacy. The paper changes color and indicates an acid or alkaline state. Best to take this test before eating, using two strips, one for saliva and the other for urine.

      By re-establishing balance in your system, you can eliminate the insects that create illness and provide a soil that repels further infestations. Why harbor unwanted dis-ease. We canít tolerate pH imbalance in our swimming pools, why do so in our body.

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      David A. Dancu, N.D. is a Naturopath and freelance writer, specializing in Homeopathy. He maintains a practice in Naples, Florida and is the author of Homeopathic Vibrations: A Guide for Natural Healing (Sunshine Press, 1996) available in Karinya and through local bookstores. He can be reached thru similima@naples.infi.net or 941/434-2497 or write to PO Box 337, Naples, FL 34106

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