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Minerals and Enzymes
Key Body Needs

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Following are several articles about what the Human body really needs in order for it to be vital, healthy and long-living. We have culled these from various sources and provide them here so one can quickly see what one needs. Everyone has different needs of course. But the Human body needs certain key minerals and enzymes for it to keep fit and vital - we assume something everyone wants. And these will enable the body to live 300, 400 or more years! Would you like to? Source: TAHI (Thee Alternative Health Institute)

It has been found that if a person can keep to an intake of certain foods, grown in an easy way, perhaps your own garden without pesticides, as well as proper (for the individual) mental and physical exercise, a person can live without "problems" of the physical kind. So many of us, in this "fast paced world" eat just what we are offered by the manufacturers, often proffered only in the name of profits and not what is good for our bodily systems. As a result, we often end up with massive physical problems, in many cases, we don't even know we have until it's too late.

No matter what "age" or physical condition you are you can have "perfect health". But, in this day and in this world it takes lots of work to do this. But, this is not out of the question. There is much dis-information and mis-information out there, with everyone attempting to "guide" us one way or another - often to their way which may be good only for them in a profitable way. And, there is also alot of very good information, not asking of us anything in return, but just to read, contemplate and act on if we feel right about it.

Underlying everything, and we recognize that not everyone may understand what we are about to say, but then that is your free will, there is our intuition or higher spirit, which intutitvly "knows" exactly what is right for us. Most of us do not ever recognize this "fact", thus may suffer our entire life. But, don't give up hope - for there is hope and satisfying the needs of our body is a key area, if one desires to live and do all the "things" one wants to do - for we believe that if one puts their mind to it, that anything is possible - even the best of health!

So much for the "soapbox", let's get on with it!


Both minerals and enzymes are vital for our health. The following table has been built to give one an idea as to how vital and important these minerals and enzymes are to each of us with articles addressing this subject, as well as a suggested program to restore minerals and enzymes to the body system. If you read all of these, you will possibly be able to figure out the minerals and enzymes you need. However, what we are doing is taking a number of these on a daily basis as the body will "throw out" those not needed. Thus, we are assured we will get just what we need. The next thing you have to determine is whether you take these minerals and enzymes in tablet or liquid form. The minerals taken in a water soluable form, we think, is much better than taking tablets as they get right to the cell level. But, you with your healthcare provider need to make that decision.

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Description of Articles and Sources


An excellent article to get one started on just what are basic body needs in the way of minerals.
Source: www.fleshmaster.com (David Hinkson)

Mineral Excesses and Levels

An excellent article about mineral levels in the body systems, symptoms and conditions.
Source: TAHI (Thee Alternative Health Institute)


Excellent information about enzymes with true examples. Source: TAHI (Thee Alternative Health Institute) and www.enzymessentials.com/html/digestive_enzymes.html

Health Conditions
and Mineral Deficiencies

Possible health conditions associated with mineral deficiencies. Extensive chart showing specific minerals and some of the health conditions caused by lack of minerals.
Source: www.raytech.simplenet.com/wateroz.htm.

Suggested Program

A suggested and affordable program for individual use to replace lost minerals and enzymes.
Source: Nature's Sunshine Products

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