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We have seen the Matrix Institute change over the years since (1995) when we first put them into the Karinya site. Now, their natural evolution has taken them to new frontiers, for which we think our viewers will enjoy. We urge you if you are not a subscriber to subscribe to their new publication INTUITIVE FLASH. As a result, this page will bring you various topics, which can be better read through their own site at

As regards Earthquakes, tornados, very high winds, ice storms, shifting earth, rivers gone wild, and the list goes on and on! - You can still get this information from a variety of sources, including the Matrix Institute. We highly recommend visiting their site and checking out this reliable and accurate information about physical earth changes. Karinya has searched the world for special sources and one of the best is The Matrix Institute. Through its monthly publication the Earth Changes Report (ECR), now changed to Intuitive Flash, Matrix disseminates newsworthy information, including future trends and very thought provoking articles, relative to geophysical, atmospheric, economic, and/or spiritual and institutive changes taking place on the earth. Sources of this information include, but are not limited to, professional journals, news media, government agencies and personal interviews.

The ECR is an exceptional (we think) report and Gordon-Michael Scallion, who forecasts earth changes from visions he receives, has been about 80% accurate so far. Scallion produces maps of what his visions have told him the earth will look like in the few years proceeding and in the years after the turn of the century. For those of you who are not aware, there are projected to be substantial changes to the earth, in its renewing from all the beating it has taken from mankind, to the extent much land now visible will no longer be visible and land under the oceans will rise. These earth changes are NOT to be considered the end of the earth, but only a renewing, which has happened many times in the past. For those of us who are interested in what the earth changes are, where they will take place and what we can do for ourselves, the ECR reports, audios and videos of Gordon-Michael Scallion's talks, visions and analysis of what is taking place, are invaluable.

There is so much taking place in the world today relating to body, mind and spirit, that it is almost impossible to keep up with it all. However, KARINYA exists for the purpose to inform the viewer about all these things - so keep viewing right here! If you are interested in more detailed information about The Matrix Institute, Gordon-Michael Scallion and the Earth Changes Report, this is the place to go! Gordon-Michael has put together a world map projecting what the earth is to look like in the future. Don't miss this one! As usual, one must take all this in according to what they believe or think. This and other sources are only additional sources and one must check out everything for themselves.


Gordon-Michael has written an extremely informative book about his visions (which continue to this day). This book, Notes from the Cosmos, gives information as to what is happening and is expected, according to his visions, to happen in the near future to earth and all of us. If you are at least the slight bit interested, we strongly suggest you acquire the book. You can do that here in Karinya. Go to COSMOS to view an introduction to the book and to his newsletter. This is one of the best books we have in our collection!

Directory of Links to Interesting Earth Changes Map Sites
(Some links may have changed. Please let us know if you find a change)

Seismo-Sufring The Net USA Risk Maps for 1999/2000
Zeta Talk Troubled Times New Geography Maps
Geogre Shaffer's North American Earth Change Maps

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