By Jean K. Foster
Writer, Teacher, Lecturer

    Jean K. Foster is a prolific New Age writer directly channeled, given the task by the Brotherhood of God of writing two trilogies, each consisting of three books. The first is entitled Trilogy of Truth, and the second Truth for the New Age. Written beginning in 1986 the books are the messages and lessons as to what is going to happen to the earth and how we each can prepare for these changes ushering in the New Age of peace and prosperity for the next 1000 years, which will impact the way we think, live and act toward others. The books also include one entitled Epilogue featuring channeled experiences of spirits who were not long ago here on earth, and a book called I Am God's Partner, a book especially prepared for children.

    In addition to the above books, Jean also has authored several audio tapes of each of the books, and also gives lectures, seminars and workshops focused upon helping others to release the earth-mind connection and gain their God-Mind Connection. Jean is now working on her third project, another book, directly channeled by the Brotherhood of God entitled "Decision", a book for those who need compelling reasons for taking hold of their lives. "Decision" is now available.

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The God-Mind Connection
Revised, ISBN 0-9626366-2-2, 196 pages, $10.95
    The reader is invited to tap into that which God IS, into Wisdom, into Creative Intelligence. First published in 1987, the revised edition has added Postscripts - stories from people who have made their God-mind connections that help them live successful lives. Introduced is the Brotherhood of God, who are available to counsel and comfort each of us.
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The Truth That Goes Unclaimed
Revised, ISBN 0-9626366-3-0, 224 pages, $10.95
    This second book in the series outlines steps the reader may take to allow his personal God-mind connection to be a powerful force in his own life. Meet the temple builders - those who have created inner sanctuaries from their divine gift of imagination. How to clarify goals, form a greater God-image, build an inner temple, and experience truth are explained.
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Eternal Gold
ISBN 0-912949-16-3, 143 pages, $8.95
    This final book of the trilogy teaches concepts and methods for bringing Good - or God - into a life experience. We learn that Eternal Gold is the God truth each one of us may claim and manifest in the earth plane as substance and changed conditions. In Eternal Gold we learn to use our truth to manifest our needs and desires.
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ISBN 0-912949-18-X, 173 pages, $9.95
    What happens to us when we die? Where do we go? Will God punish us for our wrong-doings? What is heaven like? Will I join my parents or my spouse? These questions and many more are answered in the fascinating stories told by departed spirits who have died and left the earth plane.
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New Earth - New Truth
ISBN 0-912949-29-5, 195 pages, $9.95
    In this first book of the second trilogy, Truth for the New Age, the Brotherhood of God, the outreach of the Holy Spirit, reveals in an astonishing and candid manner, that the New Age is upon us. The Brotherhood awakens the reader to the necessity of putting God-truth to work now, not waiting for a time of travail.
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Masters of Greatness
ISBN 0-9626366-0-6, 170 pages, $9.95
    Instruction continues in this second book of the New Age trilogy. Those who accept the message of this book will be masters of greatness, not servants of their fears or their doubts, is the promise given by the Holy Spirit, the Brotherhood of God, to the reader who makes a commitment to help planet earth renew its purity.
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Divine Partnership
ISBN 0-9626366-1-4, 168 pages, $9.95
    The third book of the trilogy completes the leadership instruction which began in the preceding books. Here the Brotherhood of God tells us that manifestation is no longer a hoped-for miracle from God. It always occurs when people use the teamwork principle. Gentle presences work with you when you read and study the books.
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ISBN# 0-9626366-4-9, 90 pages, $8.95
    The latest book directly channelled by the Brotherhood of God. This book in each chapter points the reader toward his/her need for decisiveness. Decision time is NOW! Neither you nor the life of the earth can wait - earth changes are here and increasing in intensity. Decision writes to all who intend their lifetimes to accomplish their intended goals. Your Spirit self is being called to be its potential. Make the Decision to be one with God, standing strong and sure!
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    The entire book The God-Mind Connection is narrated by Jean. There are 6 user friendly cassettes, all chapters begin and end on one side and each side runs approximately one-half hour. Total time is five and one-half hours. Taking Charge of Your Life is Part 1 of Move Your Mountains which consists of anecdotes told to her by those who have successfully applied spiritual principles outlined in the God-Mind books. Each side of this 85 minute tape concludes with a special meditation. Meeting The Helpers - Spirit To Spirit is Part 2 of Move Your Mountains. This 90 minute tape discusses the teamwork process so important in allowing the flow of God to bring Good into your life. The second part of this tape is a message on "Preparing Your Life's Agenda", a guide to organizing your life with the help of your God Partner. Also closed with a meditation.

  • The God-Mind Connection, six-cassette album, 5 1/2 hours narrated by Jean Foster, $34.95
  • The God-Mind Connection tapes w/God-Mind Connection Book, $40.00 (Best buy!)
  • Taking Charge of Your Life, $8.95
  • Divine Partnership - seminar tape, 50 minutes, $4.95
  • Meeting the Helpers - Spirit to Spirit tape, 40 minutes, $8.95
  • Tenderness - A Key to Joy & Peace, 85 minutes, $8.95
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  • Workshops

    Jean and other teachers/leaders are available to conduct workshops internationally.
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      Jean Foster is available through KARINYA but also has her own address. Several addresses are available: Email to you will receive a list of free files with directions for accessing them. The address to subscribe to the on-line God-Mind discussion group is: No subject and in the body type the words: subscribe partners. When you have successfully subscribed, you will receive a welcome file with further information and instructions. You may also post messages by e-mail to Jean at


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