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Rubbing Out Epilepsy - A research report from Essential Oils Online

In Europe, aromatherapy is taken far more seriously than it is here in the U.S. Over there, serious research into the effects of essential oils is being conducted at many of the most well-respected medical universities. A good example is the work being done by Dr. Tim Betts, who heads the epilepsy clinic at the University of Birmingham in England.

Dr. Betts has discovered a simple method to successfully treat epileptic patients, many with intractable epilepsy, using aromatherapy. For more on epilepsy we suggest you go to these web sites: (Some addresses may not work)

Epilepsy Foundation

This comprehensive web site covers epilepsy in nearly every realm - from current court cases to research to an on-line chat series. Special features include downloadable application for grants; a legislative action center covering current happenings in Congress, a children's area with facts, games, a storybook and teen chat room, plus first aid for seizures, safe-living tips, medication information and FAQ section

American Epilepsy Society

This simple and effective site for researchers provides information on sources of funding, and AES events. Created mostly for researchers this site also provides resources for those desiring to learn more about epilepsy.

The Epicenter

This web site is essentially a reproduction of a brochure printed by The Neurological Centre in Westmead, Australia. Although it has not been updated since 1997, the site still contains excellent basic information about epilepsy, methods of detection and some common treatments and medications. The section on common triggers - such as alcohol, flickering lights or stress - should be helpful to epileptics, friends and families.


This is a very thorough resource including materials for parents and professionals, articles about ancient treatments and summaries of laws affecting epileptics.

Epilepsy Resource Center

This is a good all-purpose clearing house for epilepsy information. The Parent's Guide, a Doctor Directory, FAQ's, links to other medical sites, message boards and books can be found here. This site also has links for women who have epilepsy and advice about leisure activities.

MCW Healthlink

As any patient with a chronic disorder knows, being informed is crucial to optimize medical treatment. Topics include grand and mal seizures, support groups and information on procedures performed at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Texas Tech Epilepsy Program

This site includes a discussion of possible limitations on activities for epileptic children, defines terms and gives an overview of epilepsy and medical principles for anti-epileptic drug use. Also includes information for women who suffer should read the advice on birth control and pregnancy.

The following are other sources and contacts:
Epilepsy Bereaved, PO Box 112, Wantage D.O., Oxon OX12 8XT. Send an request for a petition form; 01235 772852.
British Epilepsy Association helpline: 0800 309 030.
National Society for Epilepsy: 01494 601400.
Epilepsy Research Foundation: 0181-995 4781.
Fund for Epilepsy: 01422 823508.

Additional Links and Web Sites which may be of interest:

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