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What are crop circles? Who or what makes them? How are they made? Why are they made? When are they made? Why have most of them been found within a 40 mile radius of Stonehenge? What happens to the fields of grain which are bent from them? Is there any danger from the circles to humans? What do the crop circles mean? What messages are they to us? Is there any way to decode to arrive at the meanings of them? What messages are they telling us? These and many, many other questions abound when one sees crop circles in the real or in pictures or reads about them.

This is only an introduction to crop circles. These circles and diagrams appear as if by magic in fields of grain. Most are in England near Stonehenge but almost every country has had its share. They are intricate and precise "drawings" in the fields of grain. The grain themselves are bent over but not broken in the least, and each grain stalk continues to grow as if it were still straight up! As a matter of fact, analysis reveals these particular grains grow even better and more robust then their counterparts which have not been bent over.

Some people have attempted to duplicate these circles, formations or patterns but the clue to an imposter is that there is no magnetic or radiation (slight as it is) in those fields, or non-breaking of the stalks, nor can the diagrams be duplicated so quickly! Recent sightings have included some footage on video caught by an amateur revealing one particular large diagram was made in a little over 7 seconds! This video is now being studied by experts. Sightings by some indicate that there are globes of light that move quickly over a field with light (or something in the way of a beam) touching the field to produce the specific diagrams. It appears making of crop circles taper off during the latter part of the year, perhaps because of the inclement weather in these places where most are seen and start up again around May of the next year for " new crop of circles" as the experts are referring to them. The real reasons are that they arrive just when rapeseed (canola) crop is ready to harvest (April and May), then when the barley is ready for harvest and the wheat fields in July and August.

The crop in which they arrive is always harvested, and although they "disappear" physically, their electromagnetic energy signature remains in the field. This energy remains about 2 years. It is of importance to note that weather abnormalities such as wind whorls, hurricanes, etc. cannot form these in the precise manner and location in which they appear, even though respected individuals may believe so; one major circle near Stonehenge is precisely aligned with Stonehenge on both ends of the symbol or design so as to preclude being accomplished by humans and weather itself.

One or two people have had visions of these crop circles appearing in this century and have been told about what they mean. According to them, these circles consisting of symbols and placed where they are, tell us about things that are or have already been happening to our earth. One person says that when certain symbols begin appearing, we do not have much time before big things start to happen! What these things are have yet to be revealed exactly.

Apart from the physical aspect of the circles, there apparently is another side, the spiritual, concerning these circles. Gordon-Michael Scallion, Futurist of The Matrix Institute, who has visited the circles in the UK and studied them has been given visions of what they are and how they are formed. The exact message as to what they all mean have as yet to be given to him. Essentially, they are made in concert with Pleiadian spacecraft directed by a group known as the Ethereans who exist only as minds (just as spirits do) in another dimension dwelling in a parallel earth which is on a different vibratory level than earth. They can even communicate with others in other solar systems.

For those who would attempt to decipher and understand something about the how, who and why regarding the crop circles appearing around the world, the following is perhaps the best explanation we have been able to find.

Gordon-Michael Scallion is one of those gifted individuals who has visions of happenings to Earth and to the Human race on our planet. His Earth Changes Report provides all of us the opportunity of tapping into what these changes are and determine for ourselves how we are affected. The Earth Changes Report, issues of November and December 1995 provide the following which may be of great interest to those who would decipher and better understand crop circles. Mr. Scallion, at times, has direct communications with other intelligences; the Ethereans are one of those. The Ethereans are a mental consciousness, having no specific form. The bottom line is that one method of constructing the crop circles appears to be through the Pleiadians and their beam ships. However, additional information comes from the Cassiopaeans (C's), beings in the 6th density, as to the fact they actually form the circles. Perhaps they are one and the same? More information on the C's can be found here in Karinya.

The following appeared in the Earth Changes Report, published by Matrix Institute, Inc. by futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion. To quote from ECR "To create the symbols, we (the Ethereans) establish a matrix between our worlds - a time portal if you will. Once established, we are able to construct, out of your atmosphere, any object we desire using your known, and unknown, elements. In this case we create a small sphere of red plasma - a stylus, and project it to a favorable magnetic grid region of Earth where we are able to leave our messages". (Nov. 1995 issue of ECR). The next issue of ECR, December 1995 provides disclosure and meaning of several of the crop circles made by the Ethereans with exact locations. The entire articles hold much more information than we can provide here. You will want to obtain both issues for sure! ECR and Matrix may be reached via their internet address http://www.ecrnews.com or 1-800-628-7493, or for those outside the U.S. please call 1-603-363-4916.

Watch for more regarding crop circles and UFO activity here in KARINYA. In the meantime we refer you to a variety of publications and informational sources such as The Matrix Institute for earth changes, the excellent www.fromthestars.com site, and the extraordinary web site in the UK (Crop Circle Connector) with incredible pictures and other info. For more, we suggest you beam to our other page for previews of what you will see in the NEW Crop Circle Connector Site. We will add others as we review them and provide more information for our viewers.

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