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Color of the Wind

Fables for a New Age
By Theodore J. Nottingham

What do the Frog who knew too much, the long tailed lizard, the Otter who went to the bottom of the sea, the single-wattled Cassowary and his lethal toe, the rebel Gerbil, hairless Monkeys, and the Eagles all have in common?

They are all delightful tales in a new book called "The Color of the Wind", Fables for a New Age by Theodore J. Nottingham.

The Color of the Wind is a joyride for all readers of all ages through fantasies that are guaranteed to bring laughter and reflection on our relationship to Earth and to her children, and which also mirror the foibles we all share. With excellent pictures, this collection of contemporary fables, with its blend of amusement and wisdom, is a sheer delight. These are stories you can read to a child as well as for your own enjoyment.

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