The Definitive Reference
Guide for becoming prepared

Author: James Talmage Stevens
Publisher: Gold Leaf Press

How to Find Preparedness Resources for the Unexpected and Expected!

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In today’s world you can’t afford to be unprepared. If you want the security of being able to live from your own personal resources for up to a year regardless of external conditions, Don't Get Caught with Your Pantry Down - Preparedness Resources Handbook will show you where to find the necessary resources for preparedness and survival. With over 350,000 copies of Making the Best of Basics sold, James Talmadge Stevens is recognized as one of the leading authors of preparedness and survival books. Don't Get Caught with Your Pantry Down is the newest and most informative guide designed to help consumers find the required preparedness resources - supplies, long-term storage foods, foodstuffs, items of equipment, and services - all items necessary to achieve any level of personal, family, or organizational preparedness. You'll find this is the most comprehensive book of preparedness industry resources ever published!

Pantry...The ultimate reference guide for personal and family preparedness includes the following resources:

  • A Preparedness Library of books, periodicals, audio and video, internet and email, and AM/FM/SW broadcast
  • FEMA Disaster Resources: Free publications, teaching aids, low-cost videos, promotional and training information
  • Year 2000 computer problems: What Y2K problem is, how to understand it, where to find expert resources
  • Household Preparedness Notebook: Fill-in-the-blank completion, identify personal and family records, and preserve information and vital documents
  • State Resources: How to contact state agencies, how to utilize the agricultural extensions, how to find disasters educational resources
  • In-Home Storage Plan: Getting pantry-ready, planning a food supply, finding and acquiring food, long-term storage
  • Gold and Silver: Why buy precious metals, what to acquire for future security, what to do with them
  • Federal Recourses: How to contact federal agencies, how to identify federal agency resources, how to get free and low-cost materials
  • Emergency Action Kit: What to include, how to be ready for danger, how to find products you need
  • Preparedness Marketplace: 5,000+ preparedness products and suppliers, Includes retailers, distributors and manufacturers, listed by zip code

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  • Do you know to which natural, man-caused, or personal disasters your family is potentially vulnerable?
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  • Have you planned what you can do to eliminate or minimize the impact of potential disasters on your family?
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  • If you needed to evacuate your home right now, do you know where you would go for shelter?
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    If you were required to get away from potential harm immediately, do you know how much gasoline is in your vehicle's gas take at this very moment?
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  • If electricity were unavailable for an extended period, do you know how you would protect and cook your food and provide heat and light?
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  • If normal distribution of food to the grocery stores were curtailed, do you know what sources of food would be available to you?
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  • Do you have a year's supply of food in your home or in a safe place where you have control of it?
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  • Would your typical lifestyle be altered if your normal source of income were interrupted for 2 weeks ... or longer?
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  • If someone in your family were injured and medical help were not readily available, do you know what medical resources would be at your disposal?
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  • Do you have a year of house payments and other financial reserves?

  • IF YOU ANSWERED NO TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS, THEN YOU NEED TO BUY THIS BOOK! If you answered YES to these questions, ask your neighbors if they're as prepared as you. If not, you may be their support in a disaster!

    Author: James Talmage Stevens
    ISBN 1-881825-19-1, Soft cover, 203 pages
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