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The following information is presented so you the viewer will gain knowledge. Knowledge is protection and power. To us at Karinya, the existence of these alien bases poses questions and possibly problems for us as Humans. Why are they here, how long have they been here, what are their plans? We are aware from readings and information which we have been given that the earth has had such "visitors", if they can be called visitors, throughout its long history spaning millions of years. There are others out there, who are very far advanced in comparison to ourselves, and who regulary visit our planet. For what purposes we can only guess. But, to achieve bases and spend considerable time on earth without our knowledge, well, to us this appears they, whomever they are, are not up to anything positive. This can readily be seen if we can believe the reports and other data we have read about such intruders.

One thing we have observed, and these are tips for you the viewer should you ever be confronted by these beings/aliens, is that one should exhibit or provide them no fear. Be aggressive to them - attempt to get them off guard. If you think you are confronted by one of these, and you may never know if the person you are talking to is one of them or not, because they come in all disguises, just think no fear, and mentally surround yourself with positive white light. The first step is to know and understand these beings, the second step is to be able to have no fear about them as to bodily damage and damage to your own spirit. And think LOVE at all times and service to others! What you think is what you will attract to yourself. It's a fact and has been proven over and over to be correct.

By exposing these bases it is our hope to provide information so you can be prepared for whatever.

Major Sites of ET Bases

(Subject to Changes)



Moon and Mars Mars: Three (3) Alien Bases, Moon: Five (5) Alien Bases: Location: Just around left side of Moon as seen from Earth where there is some light.
Soviet Union
Ten (10) Bases

1) Cape Farvel, 2) Tundra - Peninsula of Kola, 3) Island of Novoja Zemla, 4) Sibera - Chatanga where the rivers of Kotuja and Cheta meet, 5) Russia - just under the Artic Circle town of Egveknot.

Two (2) Bases
1) Brooks Range, Central part, Latitude approx.148 degrees area Philip Smith Mtns.
2) Schwatka Mtns., town of Ambler.
Three (3) Bases
Mount Greenough, Richardson Mtns., Mount Hare.
Three (3) Bases
Jokulsaarglifur National Park, Center of the island.
Four (4) bases
Finmark area Rastegai'sa, Troms north of Ovre Dividal Nasjonal Park between the rivers Lainbalven and Korkamaalven, Nordland area Ballangen & Storsteinsfjellet.
Three (3) Bases
Norbottens Lan area Kebnekaise and Resjon, Norbottens Lan Abisko National Park, Norbottens Lan area Kvilskjokk about 100 Km from the Norway border.
Finland Utsjoki Finmark practically on the border to Norway.
Six (6) Bases
Mt. Allott near Lake Gillen Gibson Desert, Great Artesian Basin Hoods Range, near Murra-Mura, Near Collerina NSW, Strzecki Desert, Cordillo Downs area. An underground base at Alice Springs is also considered - this is a US base.
45 Bases

Sierra Madre Oriental - area of Neueva Rosita, Charcos de Risa, Sierra de la Fragua, Casas Grandes, Ojo del Carrizo, San Jose de la Popa, Palo Blanco, Cerro Carrizal, Baja California - San Felipe, Durango - San Bernado, El Salto, El Troncon, Zacatecas - Antontonilco, Apizollaya, San Luis Potosi - Sierra de Catorce, between Ciudad Valles and Rayon, Guanajuato - Mtns. of Dolores Hidalgo, Ciudad Dr.H. Alvarez, Santa Cruz de Juventino Rosas and Irapuato, Queretaro area Jalpan, Michoacan West of Penjamo, Queretaro - Amealco, between Jalpan and Tamazunchale, southern part of Sierra Gorda, Hidalgo - Coacuilco, Progresso, Metztitlan District, Michoacan - Maravatio de Ocampo, Coalcoman de Matamoros, Estado de Mexico 0 Atlacomulco, Tejupilco de Hidalgo, Sierra Madre del Sur - Sierra Campo Morado - Chilpancingo and Filo del Caballo, El Limon, Tlappa de Comonfort, Puebla - Izucar de Matamoros, San Juan Izcaquixtla, Xicotepec de Juarez and Filomeno, Tlaxcala - Zitaltepec, Oaxaca - San Augustin Loxicha, Tlahuitoltepec, Sierra Juarez Chiquihuitlan, Sierra de Miahuatlan, Chiapas - Cerro los Bolones, and Canyon del Sumidero.

Bermuda Triangle
12 Bases
Antiqua, Barbuda, Santa Lucia, Bahamas Eluthera, Acklins, and Little Inagua.
35 Bases

Nevada - Division Peak Black Rock Desert, Ruby Mtns. between Sherman Mt. and Jiggs, Florida - underwater base between Jackonville and Palatka, Colorado - Gore Range near lake, Warden Valley, Oklahoma - Lake Cherokees, between Danway and Delaware, Oregon - The Dalles Mt. Hood, Washington - Barron, Colville Calispel Peak, Indiana - Fort Wayne Churubusco, Terre Haute, Rockville - Greencastle, New Mexico - Las Vegas area Baldy Peak, Gallinas Mt., Grants area - Paguate, Mt. Taylor, Tajique - Laguna del Perro area, Dulce, Alabama - New Marrket, L M Smith Reservoir, Falkville, Iowa - Mt. Pleasant Wapello, Massachusetts - Mt. Everet, Maine - Eagle Lake, North Dakota - Bismark, Aberdeen, Napoleon, Michigan - underwater base near Big Sable Pt., Montana Livingstone area, Piney Buttes, Utah - near Noamy Pk, Logan city, Arizona - Baldy Pk., Kenndrick Pk, Flagstaff, Red Lake, Wisconsin - fond du Lac, Elkhorn - William Bay, Center City Turtle Lake, Nebraska - North Platte Seneca and Ringgold, Kentucky & Virginia - Evarts Harlan (underground city), New York - North of the state, Montana - Southwest from Big Timber (underground base headquarters for the planet.)

2 Bases
Admirality Mtns. Mt. Levick on top of the ice, Sor Rondame mountains
Uruguay Minas de Corrales border with Brazil
31 Bases

Cordoba - Villa de Maria, San Juan - Cerro las Tortolas (2 bases), north of Maipo volcano, Aero Cerro Aconcaqua, Cruz Del Eje - Cruz del Eje, Rio Negro near Piedra de Aguila, Twin Bases - area around El Bolson and Norquinco, Neuquen - Loncopue', Junin' de los Andes, Chubut - near Corcovado, area Lago futalauquen, Rio Pico, Rio Mayo, Santa Cruz - Cerro O'Higgins, between Tres Lagos and Monte Fitzroy, Cerro Mesa, between Lago Moreno and Lago Nansen, La Rioja - Cerro Bonete Chico, Sierra de Famatina, eastern part of Sierra de la Punilla, Mendoza - Cerro Aconcagua, Cerro Sosneado, Catamarca between Fambala and Santa rosa, north west of Hualfin, Santa Maria, area Sierra de Catamarca (a very important base), Salta - Cafayate, near lake Laguna de Gayatayoc

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