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The following is more information regarding alien bases on Earth in Australia.


Information received on 13/8/96.

Place: Mt. Allott near Lake Gillen GIBSON DESERT.
Purpose: Direct Line to the Russian Base which is not far from Bering Strait. They coordinate their patrolling. This Base has the responsibility for the Southern part of Asia. Their control of the population is based on keeping them in ignorance.Main leaders are all in their computers. Training leaders to take over different areas. Experiments with Asian and Australian races. Many slaves in the Base. Kill sheep to provide the blood they need for their feeding. Use crystals for provoking typhoons.

Very aware if anyone should come to help people out of their present ignorance. If someone should attempt it they start a discredit campaign on the people or person involved. Program to produce rain in the desert. They want Australia to be isolated in order to be able to use it as "their land", or Central Base. People they "train" believe they have been on another planet when coming out of this place. This is a POLITICAL BASE.

They have models of the different areas they should handle, and with them they follow the population flow. Their purpose is never to have a united planet, so they help producing local quarrels and antagonism between East and West. Study center for Eastern Cultures. Ready to send infiltration as needed. Much of Asian Politics is run by them. Big and efficient training center. Can train up to 1500 people at the same time. They "recruit" young people, also for spreading positive propaganda about them. Studies are done using films of actual events. Main training in how to get one party against the other. Also study the main figures in politics in order to be able to send thoughts on them, or a prepared being to take him over.


One of their priorities are languages. So they kidnap different teachers. Infiltrators must learn to be exactly as the people they infiltrate. To be able to take over the planet it is a MUST to have control over Asia. Composed of: ET's 363 - Homo Sapiens of different races 3,750 - Ships for transport 16


Information received on 19/8/96.
Place: Great Artesian Basin - Hoods Range - Eastern Australia.

Purpose: Check on Australia and the surrounding islands. Genetic Experiments with aborigines and others. Supplies food for all four Australian Bases. Control of the communication systems. Their responsibility is over Australia, its politics and economy. Composed of: ET's 50. They do not want anyone to look into this area. An electrical zone. There is some deadly electromagnetism in order that no one should pass their limits. Hybrids, mixture with aborigines, 120 - Homo Sapiens, kidnapped Australians, come and go. When they "go" they are their subjects. Can "treat" 200 people at a time. Homo Sapiens as staff, scientists and doctors are Asian and Australian 150 - Ships for people transport 5 - Ships for population control with rays, etc. 25 -

Information received on 25/8/96.
Place: West from great Dividing Range - South Queensland, near the border to New South Wales - Murra-Mura, nearest town.
Generators to supply the electromagnetic power for all 4 Australian Bases. They repair any machines out of order this can be ships, computers, weapons, etc. They have specialized people from Andromeda because they will not show us how to repair or produce these things. Any terrestrial who sees it gets shot with rays which burn up the body.

"Military Zone" Able Asian technicians are used, but they also get killed when their work are accomplished. Composed of: ET's 150 - Asian technicians 150 - Hybrids, a mixture of Asian and ET's, as slaves to clean, etc. 200 - Ships as machine carriers 4 - Small Ships 10 - They give their ships out while they repair the ones that are damaged.


Place: MT Davenport - Near Lake Mackay Reserve. Purpose: AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENTS. Supply of aborigines. Experiments in seed developments, mixing our seeds with seeds from their home. Also animal experiments to increase their breeding. Experiments with humans and animals too. Distorting DNA. Composed of: ET's 25 - Homo Sapiens from all over the planet, agronomists 20 - Hybrids 70 - Ships for plant and animal transportation 3 -


Place: Eastern Australia - Northern part of New South Wales, near Collerina. Purpose: Laboratory, works with animals, crossing races. Also laboratory for plant life, to cultivate desertic areas. They know in what shape the planet is, and when they take over they want, to re-generate it. Bring people in for training in a new way of agriculture, changing Asian customs. People will be trained to do what their organization needs. Planning the Agricultural Scene in Asia. There are agricultural "spies". Any captured person will from then on work for them, but not on their own volition. It is done through mental commands.

All carry a "needle" which is their monitor. Composed of: ET's 56 - Aborigines as slaves 200 - Homo Sapiens from different parts of Asia 100, they are there as stable staff. 120 that come and "go". They have all been captured. Ships for transporting captured people, plants and animals 7 - Smaller Ships for photographing and patrolling areas 6 - Very sophisticated laboratory machines for splitting atoms, seeds, etc. and to implant persons to make them become "their" subjects.- An ozone transformer.


Place: Strzecki Desert Area.Purpose: Bring leaders from Asian regions to a fast "treatment". This is totally unknown to them. Change thoughts in their favor. Working together with "Bering Strait" Base. Composed of: Highly specialized mental doctors and equipment. This is a small Base. ET's 20 - Homo Sapiens as doctors and scientists, of any race 40 - Hybrids (Asian and ET's) trained as "nurses", as this is a delicate job, 15

Place: Southern Australia - Cordillo Downs Area.
Purpose: Procure for all the lake Strzecki's needs. Ships stay there too. Composed of: ET's as technicians and communicators, from this Base communication are sent and received, so that no attention should be drawn to the other Base. Ships from outside come down here where they "change planes" to go to other Bases. Storage for the things they use to shoot at population for mental control. Training for pilots and shooting. Computers where all Asian leaders are registered. From here programs are made and sent out. Naturally they communicate with the "Bering Strait" Base. They work in combination on the political scene.

Here we have doctors and professors in political science, economy, sociology, criminology. They think that their knowledge will help their countries, whereas their data gets worked through computers for the ET's advantage and purposes. Most of these people get killed after their use is over. They work under mental duress. Some, when they find out what this is all about, commit suicide. Manipulation of Asian economy. Connection, through computers with different banking systems. They trace wealth to suppress it. In direct communication with Andromeda Base, which makes this Base a receiving place for their orders. There are 200 ET's in the Base. 200 Homo Sapiens, captured. 175 Hybrids as workers. 6 small and fast ships. For heavier transport, 20 ships.

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