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Alternative Medicine is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. We are currently witnessing the integration, on an ever-widening scale, of alternative therapeutic practices and techniques into mainstream Western health care. With alternative therapies the main emphasis is laid on preventing disease and improving quality of life. However, the public are becoming more aware of higher success rates over conventional medicine with certain conditions such as chronic back pain and some cancers.

Alternative healing modalities tend to be natural, safer and less invasive, and have been proven, in some instances over millennia of experience, to be effective forms of treatment for many mental, emotional and physical ailments.

Over the last twenty years there has been a remarkable shift in attitude. Prior to this alternative medicine was viewed with scepticism and even ridiculed. Today, ordinary people, doctors and scientists are becoming more open minded - accepting, for example, that alternatives cannot always be tested in laboratories like synthetic pharmaceuticals, and, at the same time, allowing themselves rather to be increasingly impressed by results.

Medical establishments now recognise the value of alternative therapies, whether used alone or as a complement to other treatments.

Kenya Institute of Alternative Medicine,
Nairobi, Kenya, Phone: (254) 020 787310


Amirali, Serina, Taczarina Massage & Healing Centre, P.O. Box 66077, Phone: 4349359, Mobile: 0733-841466, Pranic Healing, Chinese Massage, Stress-Rex Massage

Begg, Janie, P.O.ox 24131-00502, Nairobi, Phone: 882058, Email:, Kinesiology, Reiki

Dr. Bhatt, Bharati BSAM, PO Box 44568-00100, GPO Nairobi, General Mathenge Drive, Phone: 583181 Mobile: 0722-243939, Email:, Ayurveda, Especially for ladies and children under 12 years

Bhatti, Athar, PO Box 38686, Nairobi, Phone: 3744766, Mobile: 0722-551040, Internet:

Dr. Bhatti, Muzaffar Ahmad FKIAM, ATMPK, GHR, PO Box 38686, Nairobi, Phone: 3744766, Mobile: 0722-733185, Email:, Homeopathic Consultant, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy

Caley, Kerry BAPysch, PO Box 44599-00100, Nairobi, Phone: 572386, Mobile:0722-983571, Email:, Reiki Master, Holistic Reiki Counselling, Mind, Body, Home

Dr. Contractor, Hrisikesh MS, FCPS, FICA, FICS, FAOA, PO Box 13619, Nairobi, Phone:2717640 Mobile: 0722-700624 / 0733-711844, Eamil:, Homepathic Consultant

Dr. Devji, Zulifikar PHE, Director - Sports medicine Centre, PO Box 63950, Nairobi Phone: 3742406, 4441528, Mobile: 0733-881149, Kinesology, Sports medicine

Dr. Devluk, Jugnu Kishor BSC, ND, AYURVEDIC RATNA, MFPHYS., Samadhi Natural Health Centre, Viking House, Westlands, Nairobi, Phone:: 4443319, 4442806, Fax: 4445003, Email:, Ayurveda, Naturopathy

Dr. Devluk, Kishor J MBBS, PO Box 46510, Nairobi, Phone: 443319, 226324, Mobile: 0733-960697, Email:

Didi Ananda Ruchira Acharya DIHOM, FKIAM, Director - ABHA Light Foundation, PO Box 236-00515, Nairobi, Phone: 787310, 0733-895466, Email:, Web Site:, Homeopathy, Yoga


Dodd, Cathy, Reflexology, PO Box 30003, Nairobi, Phone: 4343344, Mobile: 0722-789104, Email:, Reiki

Gopinath, K. R., Naturally Yours, Sarit Centre, PO Box 63277, Nairobi, 1562 Muuli Rd. Westlands, Phone: 3741115, Mobile: 0733-731307, Email:, Web Site:, Yoga, Stress Therapy

Dr. Goyani, Kailas BAMS, PO Box 18583-00500, Nairobi, Mobile: 0733-725601, Ayurveda, Yoga

Javer, Nar, Naturally Yours, Sarit Centre, PO Box 58717, Nairobi, Phone: 3741115, Mobile: 0733-739324, narkah@yahoo.comBody-Mind Therapy, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Rebirthing

Dr. Kallungal, Sunil BAMS, PGDYT, DS(AC)FKIAM, Ayurvedic and Yoga Centre, 116, Spring Valley Rd. off Peponi Rd. PO Box 39712, Nairobi, Phone: 4448789, Mobile: 0733-761705, Email:, Kaloki, Janet DAHOM, ABHA Light health Centre, Kariobangi, PO Box 236-00515, Nairobi, Mobile: 0733-896558, Email:, Ayurveda, Su-jok Acupuncture, Reflexology, Yoga Homeopathy, Naturopathy

Dr. Lee, Won Hwi LICAC, PO Box 257 Village Market, Nairobi, Phone: 521561, 521949, Mobile: 0733-730299, Email:, Acupuncture, Chiropractor

Malhotra, Suman BSC, BED, DIHOM, FKIAM, PO Box 51166, Nairobi, Phone: 4441918, Email:, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies

Manikumar, Rama BSC(I), PO Box 57-00606, Nairobi, Phone: 3743311, 3748362 / 3750296, Email:, Health Care Consultant

Dr. Mehta, Bhairvi BAMS, DIP Ayurvedic Clinic, P.O.BOX: 42984-00100 Nairobi, Phone: 3749549 / 3742340, Email:, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Traditional Herbal Medicine

Dr. Mostert, Ronell MTECHHOM, Homepathic Consultant, Msingi Health, appts: Phone: 0733-588304 / 0722-321933, Mobile: 0733-946138, Email:, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies

Prof. Mwangi Juilius W. BPHARM, MSC(PHARM), PHD, Director - MitishambaDrug Research Centre, UON, PO Box 19676-00202 Nairobi, Phone: 2725099, Mobile: 0722-825966, Email:, Consultant in herbal medicne and other complementary medicines

Dr. Nell, Jacob MTECHCHIRO, Naturally Yours, Sarit Centre, Mobile: 0733-420588, Email:, Chiropractor

Dr. Nene, Manohar Laxman MD, MBBS, FKIAM, Masaba Hospital, PO Box 50373, Nairobi, Phone: 580751, Email:, Acupuncture, Bio-oxidation, Anesthesiologist

Njau, Jonathan Kagwa DAHom ALPHA SOCIETY WESTLANDS ABHA LIGHT CLINIC, EASTLEIGH Homeopathy PO Box 236-00515, Nairobi, M: 0733-283055,

Ostertag, Michele BFRP BACH FLOWER REGD. PRACTITIONER Bach Flower Remedies PO Box 47074, Nairobi, T: 3762765, 0733-610803,

Panji, Usha ITEC NATURALLY YOURS, SARIT CENTRE Clinical Aromatherapy, Rei-flexologist PO Box 423-00606, Nairobi, T: 3741115, M: 0733-779076

Parkin Mandy LIFESTYLE COUNSELLING & PREVENTIVE MEDICINE PO Box 13953 Nairobi, T: 4440827, 0733-636929,

Parpia, Nafisa Reflexology, Aromatherapy PO Box 64269, Nairobi, T: 3751016, M: 0733-702983,


Dr. Pathak, Arvind Kumar ND, MDEH, CAC, TY, FKIAM, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Iridology, Reiki, Magnetotherapy, Oil Massage, Yoga PO Box 10426-00400, Nairobi, T: 3747221 / 3750237,

Dr. Ponda, Vaishali BHMS, FKIAM, HOMEOPATHIC CONSULTANT, PO Box 66197, Nairobi, T: 521763, M: 0733-736003,

Dr. Poojari, Preeti BAMS, Ayurveda, PO Box 39117, Nairobi, : 0733-989520

Dr. Prashad, Rajinder BAMS, FKIAM, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Pulse diagnosis PO Box 63256, Nairobi, M: 0733-809724,

Roy, Laurence, Kinesiology,Denis Pritt Road, 0733-252485

Dr. Saning’o, Richard ND, DIPBM, NATUROPATHY, TRADITIONAL AFRICAN HERBALIST, PO Box 4760, Nairobi, M: 0733-282222, 0722-770604,

Dr. Satish, Padma ND, BSC, FBFS, PHD, A.DPC, FKIAM, AYURVEDIC AND CULTURAL THERAPIST Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Counselling, P.O. Box 18738, Nairobi, T: 3750618, 3741933, M: 0722-843112,

Shah, Priti Hemal, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, PO Box 1345-00600, T: 4449048, : 0722-715395,

Dr. Shah, Saroj DHMS, DPHARM, FKIAM, HOMEOPATHIC CONSULTANT, Homeopathy, Yoga PO Box 13600, Nairobi, T: 3751236,

Dr. Shah, Shilpa BHMS, FKIAM, HOMEOPATHIC CONSULTANT, PO Box 41489, Nairobi T: 3743343, 535405, M: 0722-832731,

Dr. Sharma, Seema, Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopath PO Box 63256, Nairobi, M: 0733-809724,

Dr. Tang, Yujun, DA TANG CLINIC, NATURALLY YOURS, SARIT CENTRE Traditional Chinese Medicine, Detox Therapy PO Box 34849, Nairobi, T: 3741115 / 0733-603243,

Thoene, Geog Hans, PHYSIQUE, Homeopathy, Naturopathy PO Box 13840, Nairobi,

Tyeni, Morris Ajesha DAHOM, ABHA LIGHT HEALTH CENTRE, KARIOBANGI Homeopathy PO Box 236-00515, Nairobi, M: 0733-896558,

Dr. Varsani, Dinesh Kumar ND, DAC, DAYU, FIIAM, NATURAL AYURVED CARE Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Naturopathy PO Box 34715, Nairobi, T: 3751606, 3751606, F: 3751606, M: 0733-641996,

Saggu, Joginder Singh, EDEN HERBAL CLINIC, Acupressure, Herbal PO Box 1411 Eldoret, T: (0321) 62795, M: 0722-796299,

Suri, Perminder Singh, EDEN HERBAL CLINIC Acupressure, Herbal, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Intensive Therapy P.O.Box 934, Eldoret, L. Wing, 1st.Fl, Rm 1, Eldocenter T: (0321) 63407 / 63409, M: 0733-795254 / 0722-840600,

Coulson, Mary NH, Naturopathy, Nairobi, Giilgil PO Box 150, Gilgil, T: 036 75253, M: 0733-602264

Dr. Jiwa, Shainaz Najib LCEH, BHMS, HOMEOPATHIC CONSULTANT PO Box 1306, Kitale, T: (0325) 30405, 31000, 30201, M: 0733-821864

Dr. Alison Pittendrigh LCPH(LONDON) IMGCP HOMEOPATHIC CONSULTANT, P.O. Box 535, Mtwapa 80109, Mombasa M: 0722 257 959

Dr. Doshi, Piyusha ND, BHMS, HOMEOPATHIC CONSULTANT, PO Box 16547, Nakuru, T: (037) 214810, M: 0722-325790 Email:

Shah, Priti, Naturopathy, Su-jok Acupuncture, PO Box 805, Nakuru, T: (037) 44904, Email:

Makumi, Ben DAHom, ABHA LIGHT CLINIC, BUSHI Homeopathy, PO Box 236-00515, Nairobi, M: 0733-896558,

THIKA Jabuya, Zachary O., TEJAS HERBAL HEALTHCARE CENTRE Traditional African Herbalist, PO Box 7746-00300, Nairobi M: 0722-295471, Asili Coop House, 4th Floor Room 4, Moi Avenue


ALPHA SOCIETY, HOLISTIC HEALTH & WELL BEING PO Box 44674-00100, Nairobi, M: 0733-912587 / 0722-315642 Email:

ARMAAN LIMITED, DISTRIBUTORS of homeopathic, herbal & flower remedies, food supplements PO Box 614-00621, Village Market, Nairobi, T: 573339, F: 570749, Email:

WILD LIVING HERBALIST CLUB, TRADITIONAL AFRICAN HERBALISTS No. 7, Market Lane, Opp. Machakos Central Market, PO Box 1528, Machakos, M: 0722-810026, T: (2) 577943, Email:
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